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Since 2016, we have been blessed to have Rev. Robert E. Fogal, Ph.D. as our minister at Carversville United Church of Christ. Reverend Fogal, or “Bob” as we kindly call him, refers to his pastoral ministry as his third career. Bob grew up in the church and has worked in diverse church-related institutions throughout his life. Originally from Montgomery County, PA, at age two he moved with his family to Bethany Children’s Home in western Berks County.

Bob’s first career focused on church music, which was launched as a teenager when he started to play organ for church services at Bethany. Academic studies led to several years of teaching at a theological seminary in Buenos Aires, Argentina. This international work also included ethnographic field research for a Ph.D. in ethnomusicology from Indiana University. Philanthropic fundraising constituted Bob’s second career. He has held executive positions in higher education, health care, human services, and long-term care. During his years as a philanthropy professional, Bob felt called to the ministry and formally began his journey to become an authorized minister in the United Church of Christ. In May 2021, Reverend Fogal was officially ordained into the United Church of Christ ministry, his ordination being held at Carversville United Church of Christ.

“Over the decades I have reflected on how Christian faith and generosity go together. For me, generosity—in an inclusive sense, not just with money—came to be synonymous with Christian grace. We know God’s love and grace as we demonstrate a generosity of spirit toward others: showing kindness, refraining from judgmental attitudes and words, listening with care, practicing hospitality, telling the truth. In short, people of grace are gracious people. Our Christian faith calls us to share God’s grace-filled love with all whom we meet along life’s journey.”

If you would like to reach out to Reverend Fogal, he’d love to hear from you. He can be reached at pastorfogal@gmail.com .

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