Pastor Fogal to be Ordained

Posted on: May 13, 2021

Pastor Fogal will be ordained as a minister of the United Church of Christ at a special worship service on Sunday, May 23, 2021, at 3:00 PM. The service will be livestreamed from our website:

On May 23rd, head to the web site and on the front page, click on “Click Here to Watch” – that will take you to a new page where there will be an image entitled “Sunday Service Recorded” (with tulips). Click on the tulip image and you will be taken to the livestream service. Alternatively, you can simply visit our YouTube page and you will see the livestream service.

Pastor Robert E. (Bob) Fogal began his ministry at Carversville UCC on February 1, 2017. The North Penn Association (the unit of our United Church of Christ governance one level “above” congregations) had to authorize him as a licensed minister to serve our church. He had previously served St. Luke’s UCC in North Wales, Montgomery County, also as a licensed minister. The Association had to authorize him to serve that congregation as well. The United Church of Christ recently approved an alternate path to ordained ministry for those who have served as licensed ministers for at least seven years. The difference between a licensed minister and an ordained minister is this. A licensed minister is authorized to serve only in a specific place (usually a congregation), often for a pre-determined period of time. The authorization is typically renewed annually. An ordained minister is a minister of the entire United Church of Christ. S/he can be called to be a pastor by any UCC church anywhere. There are no location or time period limitations (as is the case with licensed ministers). Pastor Fogal completed the requirements for ordination early this year and on February 15, 2021 received approval to be ordained. He refers to being a pastor as his third career. His first was teaching church music at an ecumenical theological seminary in Buenos Aires, Argentina for ten years. He worked there under the auspices of the international agency of the United Methodist Church. For his second career, he did philanthropic fundraising in the United States for nonprofit institutions, including higher education, healthcare, and human services. As he retired from fundraising, Pastor Fogal became an authorized licensed minister and began his third career. We have been blessed to have Pastor Fogal as part of our village church and are honored that he has chosen Carversville United Church of Christ as his pastoral home.

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