Thoughts for the Soul


What’s Normal?

Posted on Aug 27, 2020 in Thoughts for the Soul

I’ve heard a lot of people say one or the other of the following statements: “I can’t wait to get back to normal.” “We will …


Posted on Jul 2, 2020 in Thoughts for the Soul

Black Lives Matter. I venture to say that each person who reads this column has a visceral response to seeing those three words. Minimal or …

Fear and Faith

Posted on May 28, 2020 in Thoughts for the Soul

I have not yet encountered anyone during this pandemic who is totally without fear. A person who is totally without fear or anxiety is an …

Sabbath Economics and COVID-19

Posted on May 5, 2020 in Thoughts for the Soul

Occasionally, (well, more than occasionally, actually) I come across other people’s words that express important things better than I can. This is one of those …

COVID-19 and Faith

Posted on Apr 14, 2020 in Thoughts for the Soul

Let’s begin with some facts. The outbreak of a new coronavirus began in China in December and has now spread around the world. While often …

Resistance Training

Posted on Mar 13, 2020 in Thoughts for the Soul

The United Church of Christ publishes an online¬†Daily Devotional (, the vast majority of which are written by United Church of Christ pastors and church …

Village Life

Posted on Feb 2, 2020 in Thoughts for the Soul

The Jan Hus Bohemian Brethren United Presbyterian Church was located on Manhattan’s East 74th Street. Founded in 1874, the congregation came into existence to serve …

Holy Humor and Humility

Posted on Jan 8, 2020 in Thoughts for the Soul

Many church folks don’t realize that the book of Genesis provides two creation stories. The first describes what God did on day 1, then on day 2, etc.

God With Us

Posted on Dec 10, 2019 in Thoughts for the Soul

Incarnation is one of those churchy words we hear at this time of year. “Jesus is the incarnation of God,” the preacher may say. An …

Gratitude and Giving Thanks

Posted on Nov 4, 2019 in Thoughts for the Soul

A study a few years ago attempted to measure Americans’ sense of gratitude. It found that Americans see their individual selves as increasingly grateful, while …

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