How do I begin?

At Carversville United Church of Christ, you begin where you are.

Do you feel empty inside? Do you want to fix bad things you see in the world? Do you worry about your family or others who are important to you?

Different people answer questions like these differently. The families we grew up in, what we learned from the religion we followed years ago, the kinds of personalities we have all influence what we call our spiritual life. For many, though, what we believe and how we pursue spirituality now differs a lot from earlier stages of our lives.

The United Church of Christ is full of people like you, folks whose life journeys have called them to ponder important questions or seek new paths of involvement. Whether or not we know it, God’s eternal spirit often leads us to surprising places and people, offering us opportunities to practice Jesus’ example in loving and serving others.

Jesus explains that “those who find their life will lose it, and those who lose their life for my sake will find it.” In other words, we discover what our lives are about as we participate in making others’ lives better.

So how do you begin? We all begin where we are, and our new beginnings are most fruitful when we are surrounded by others who also strive to practice care and compassion toward ourselves and others, “losing our lives” as we make God’s love real in others’ lives as well.

You begin where you are.

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