Adult Discovery

Knowledge about the Bible has expanded geometrically since World War II. Archeologists have explored ancient Biblical cultures. Linguists have discovered manuscripts that no one knew existed. Scholars are learning a lot about the Jewish world that was Jesus’ heritage and in which he lived and worked. Such study builds on the kind of thinking exemplified in the milestone work by the famous organist and physician (and theologian) Albert Schweitzer, who published in 1906 the ground-breaking The Quest for the Historical Jesus.

Theologians have been studying and commenting on all this new knowledge for many years now. The religious knowledge and faith values of many people, however, still consist only of what they learned in Sunday school decades ago. Sadly, either through benign neglect or intentional resistance, many people’s religious values consist of or react to views they acquired in decades long past.

This contrasts with the fact that how we live our lives most of the time reflects countless discoveries and inventions in every field of human endeavor. We each have learned a myriad of new behaviors and ways of thinking just to exist. But we still feel or react to beliefs we learned as children. In short, we haven’t practiced how to experience God as adults.

Adult Discovery at Carversville United Church of Christ strives to help us grow beyond our religious childhoods. Reading, discussing, pondering, meditating – whatever approach works best for you – we will support your search for meaning in our contemporary world. We will help you discover how God will bring new purpose and meaning into your life.

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